CCO Network Web Access

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You can access the Canadian Cadet Organizations (CCO) Network (for Fortress, Outlook Email, File Repository, etc)  via non-DND-issued computer.

Method 1:  Web Access

1. The recommended browser is Internet Explorer version 6 or higher.  

The Edge browser in Windows 10 is not supported.    Other browsers may work but compatibility is not guaranteed.

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, the IE Tab browser extension has been found to work very well (click here for Chrome version or here for Firefox version.)  Install the extension then right click the link below and choose “Open in IE Tab.”


2. >>> Click here for the CCO Net Web Access Page. <<<


3. Enter your CCO Net login credentials.

Your username must be entered as in the following example:


Make sure to use the backslash: \ not the normal forward slash: /

Then enter your password.


4. You will then see a page with the various CCO Net tools you have access to.

Click on the tool you want, eg FORTRESS. You will be prompted to enter your login credentials again. Enter your username the same way, eg:


and then enter your password.


 ***When you are done, be sure to logout from the main access page.***

For added security, delete your browsing history to clear all information out of your cached files.


Method 2:  Remote Desktop Access

Download the following Zip file, and unzip the RDP file to your PC.  Double click it to launch the Remote Desktop Prootocol Session.  Enter your user name and password per the above instructions

CCO Remote

NOTE:  This RDP file includes the ability to access your local PC hard drives and removable drives to upload and download files.  If you have a different version of the RDP file that does not allow access to your local drives, you can either download the version attached above, or edit your RDP file by following this guide:  Edit-CCO-Remote-Desktop-RDP


CCO Network password expired?

Click here to reset your password.


If you have forgotten your CCO Network password, contact your Regional IT Help Desk.


If you are using Windows XP, and have problems with the login, see this Microsoft Knowledge Base article.




Monthly Routine Orders can be found here:

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