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Welcome to the history page of RCSCC GRILSE.  Much of the history of a Cadet Corps can get lost over time.  This page reflects the efforts of several people who have attempted to preserve and share our history.  If you can help with names, dates, or any notes or accomplishments that should be recorded please contact us.  Also, if you are a past member of RCSCC GRILSE, we invite you to join our Alumni Group on Facebook and share your memories.

General History

RCSCC GRILSE started in 1965, with Jim McRae as the Commanding Officer, Earl Ledger as the Executive Officer, and Ernie Pachon who later became the second Commanding Officer.  The PoCoMo Navy League Branch received its charter in 1966.  The Port Coquitlam Legion Branch #133 was the major sponsor working with the Navy League Branch to fund the Corps.   GRILSE originally paraded at the Agricultural Hall in Port Coquitlam.   Known as “Aggie Hall” this building was located in Aggie Park, at the corner of Lougheed Highway and Shaugnessy Street in Port Coquitlam. Aggie Hall was torn down in 1976, and GRILSE moved to The Dalkeith Building which is located on the site of the current Port Coquitlam Legion.  During the summer of 1983, the Dalkeith building was torn down to make way for the new Port Coquitlam Legion building.  At this time that GRILSE moved to a wooden building (which became known as the Boathouse) on the shore of Burrard Inlet, at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody.   The Navy League Corps, NLCC NAMU, moved into the Scout and Cadet Hall which was owned by the Port Moody Legion Branch #119.  GRILSE later then moved to the old Port Moody Youth Centre, then later moved to parade at the auditorium Port Moody Legion.  In October 2001, GRILSE moved to Seaview Community School, and then to Banting Middle School in 2004.  During this time, GRILSE still kept much of our Stores in the Boathouse at Rocky Point Park.

In September 2005, GRILSE returned to Rocky Point Park, parading out of the newly opened Old Mill Boathouse.  In 2005 and 2006, the City of Port Moody undertook a revitalization project in Rocky Point Park, which included the removal of the old  Sea Cadet Boathouse building.  GRILSE’s stores moved into the newly built multi-purpose building in the park in 2006.  Currently, GRILSE parades out of both the Old Mill Boathouse, and the Scout and Cadet Hall, both located on Esplanade Street in Port Moody.


Commanding Officers of RCSCC GRILSE

Jim McRae (1966- ?)
Ernie Pachon
George Drakos (twice)
John Kersman
Bob Whitely
Danny Teal
Ben Douglas
Dave Burke (twice)
Earle Ledger (1989 – 1994)
Lorenzo Hsu ( ? – Dec 1999)
Dan Richard (Dec 1999 – Dec 2001)
Shannon McGee (Dec 2001 – Jun 2007)
Kevin Deck (Jun 2007 – Sep 2012)
Darrell Stewart (Sep 2012 – Sep 2015)

Shaun Tofsrud (Sep 2015 – current)


Coxswains of RCSCC GRILSE

Paul Hoskins
Jeff Johnston
Sharon Hunter
Robert (Bob) Anderson (1981 – 1982)
Daniel Anderson (1982 – 1983)
Dave Prevost (1983 – 1984)
Kari Sjoquist (1984 – 1985)
Jelena Putnik (1986 – Jan 1987)
Celeste (C.C.) Master (Jan – Jun 1987)
Glenn Bone (1987 – 1988)
Kevin Amboe (1988 – 1989)
Richard W Rolls (1994 – 95)
Lorenzo Hsu
Shirley Melo
Lance Wyman
Crystal Lagerbom
Jasmine Murray
Justin Mang
Diana Vasquez ( – Jan 2003)
Mathew Daigle (Jan 2003 – May 2004)
Aaron Merrall (May 2004 – Feb 2005)
Daniela Vasquez (Feb 2005 – Oct 2007)
Brennen Park (Oct 2007 – Sep 2008)
Olga Kapustina (Sep 2008 – Nov 2010)
Christoper Blaber (Nov 2010 – Jun 2011)
Matthew Roszmann (Oct 2011 – Sep 2012)
Bryan Hui (Sep 2012 – Sep 2014)
Cameron Elliott (Sep 2014 – Jun 2015)
Shawna Eggelston (Sep 2015 – Jun 2016)
Filip Wiatrak  (June 2016 – Dec 2016)
Duncan Osborne (Jan 2017 – Jun 2017)

Alexander Wang (Sep 2017 – Current)

Notes and Accomplishments

1985:  GRILSE participated and the RVYC Commodore Cup Race, won the Seamanship Trophy and received donations of two 30′ Dragon sail boats.

1994:  GRILSE Cadet Rick Rolls was appointed as Coxswain of HMCS QUADRA Sea Cadet Summer Training Center.

2007:  GRILSE Cadet Jamie Bone along with a sailing partner from another Corps won the National Sea Cadet Regatta.  Change of Command June 2007, Lt(N) Kevin Deck takes over from Lt(N) Shannon McGee.

2008:  GRILSE traveled to Tisdale, SK in February on an Inter-provincial Cadet Exchange, hosted by 624 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.   GRILSE Cadet Jamie Bone along with a sailing partner from another Corps won the National Sea Cadet Regatta for the second year in a row.  The Band won first place at the Lower Mainland Band Competition  in the “C” category.

2009:  GRILSE hosted an Inter-provincial Cadet Exchange in March, welcoming 2554 PPCLI Royal Canadian Army Cadets Corps from Calgary, AB.  GRILSE partakes in Naval Flagstaff Memorial Dedication at Stanley Park attended by Prince Edward.

2010:  GRILSE Cadet Quinn Lessing along with a sailing partner from another Corps won the National Sea Cadet Regatta.  Cadet Olga Kapustina won a silver medal at the National Cadet Biathlon competition.  GRILSE partakes in events to commemorate the Centennial of the Royal Canadian Navy.  GRILSE Band members and Senior Cadets take part in the opening of The Canada Pavilion 2010 at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

2012:  Due to successful recruiting initiatives and an engaging training programme, GRILSE experienced strong growth from 2008 onward, increasing from 45 to 85 Cadets from 2008 to 2012.  Change of Command Sep 2012, Lt(N) Darrell Stewart takes over from Lt(N) Kevin Deck.

2013:  During the 2012 – 2013 training year, GRILSE grew to 90+ Cadets.  The GRILSE Seamanship team won the Lower Mainland InterDivisional Seamanship Competition.  GRILSE then went on to win the Regional IDSC.  The Band won first place at the Lower Mainland Band Competition  in the Micro-Division category.  At the start of the 2013 – 2014 training year, GRILSE grew to 100+ Cadets.

2014:  During the 2014 – 2015 training year, GRILSE maintained a strength of 110+ Cadets, becoming the second largest Corps in BC.  The growth required the need to increase the number of Seamen’s divisions from four to six.  As a result of maintaining a strength of over 90 Cadets for more than a year, GRILSE became authorized to have a Lieutenant Commander in the CO position.    CO Darrell Stewart was promoted to LCdr in Oct 2014.

2015:  GRILSE celebrated its’ 50th Anniversary, featuring the ACR being held in Rocky Point Park at the Bandshell.  This location is right beside where the old GRILSE boathouse used to exist on the waterfront.  Approximately 30 GRILSE Alumni attended the event including a dozen who marched on parade in an Alumni Division.  Change of Command in Sep 2015, Lt(N) Shaun Tofsrud takes over from LCdr Darrell Stewart.

2016:  GRILSE Cadets compete in Zone and Provincial Sail Regattas, Seamanship Competition, Air Rifle Marksmanship Competition, and Drill Competition.  GRILSE maintains strength in the 90 to 100 range, Lt(N) Shaun Tofsrud promoted to LCdr May 2016.




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