High School Credits

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Cadets can earn High School Credits simply by actively participating in the program! 

Cadets is one of the sources of External Credits that can be granted by the BC Ministry of Education.

Credits Available

Credit Code Credits Prerequisite
UXCA 10 4

Complete Phase III Training or a 3 week Basic Specialty Training Course

UXCA 11 4 Complete Phase IV Training or a 6 week Advanced Specialty Training Course
UXCA 12 4 Complete Phase V Training or a 6 week Advanced Specialty Training Course



  1. Cadet must submit a formal request in writing or email to the Training Officer requesting to verify that you meet the requirements.
  2. Training Officer will verify requirements and notify the Administration Officer.
  3. Administration Officer will prepare a certificate and letter to be signed by the Commanding Officer.
  4. Commanding Officer will sign and forward the documents to the Cadet.
  5. Cadet to submit documents to their school guidance counselor or principal. 

Monthly Routine Orders can be found here:

MROs Page

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