Leave of Absence

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Why Request Leave?

Cadet attendance is tracked for every activity.  Cadet attendance history will be used to help grade a Cadet for promotions, awards, summer training, and selection for special activities such as ship deployments.  Cadets who need to miss a Mandatory Cadet activity due to illness, homework, family / personal matters, etc must let us know so that we can mark their absence as excused, also known as a “Leave of Absence.”

A Mandatory activity includes any weekly parade night, certain weekend activities, any training required for promotion, Remembrance Day parade and Annual Ceremonial Review.

Cadets who are absent, and have not requested leavem are marked as Abesnt Without Leave (AWOL.)

A Cadet who is AWOL for 3 consecutive Mandatory Activities may be Struck off Strength (removed from Cadets.)


Regular Leave – Per Activity

If you need to miss a single Mandatory Cadet activity due to illness, homework, family / personal matters, etc, you need to contact your Divisional Petty Officer (DPO) to request leave.

Your DPO should have given you his / her contact information, you must contact him / her to indicate why you need to miss Cadets.

If you cannot get hold of your DPO, please Contact the XO or CO.


Extended Leave – More than 3 Weeks

If you need to miss more than 3 weeks in a row, you need to request Extended Leave using the form below.  Valid reasons for extended leave may include:

  • -Family travel
  • -Medical issues
  • -Conflict with school activity, sports playoffs, or other similar activity.

A Cadet will not be granted Extended Leave if he / she has been enrolled for less than two years, or has passed his or her 18th birthday. 

The Form CATO 13-30 Annex A CADETS EXCUSED ABSENCE FROM LHQ TRAINING must be completed and submitted to the Commanding Officer for approval. 

The Commanding Officer can approve absence for up to 120 days.  If a longer absence is required, the CO will forward the form to RCSU for higher approval.


Monthly Routine Orders can be found here:

MROs Page

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