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PoCoMo Navy League Branch     

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What is The Navy League Branch?

The PoCoMo Branch of the Navy League of Canada is the local civilian sponsor of RCSCC GRILSE.  The Navy League Branch provides a Sea Cadet Corps with those things not provided by the Department of National Defence.  It pays for such things as:

  • -rent / maintenance costs for the parade locations
  • -uniform extras like GRILSE badges and cap tallies, nametags, embroiderd ball caps.etc
  • -administrative and training supplies (paper, pens, envelopes, printer ink, postage costs, etc)
  • -sports equipment
  • -extra training activities (swimming, skating, wall climbing, other tours and activities
  • -trophies and awards
  • -food for some training activities and special events  (Holiday Mess Dinner, Annual Ceremonial Review, etc)
  • -recruiting activities
  • -much, much more!


To support GRILSE’s activities and needs, each Cadet is asked for a $125.00 administration fee.  For more information on this fee and payment options (including deferred payments, financial assistance, etc.) please speak to a Navy League Branch Member when registering.

The Navy League Branch also organizes fundraising activities throughout the year to help support GRILSE’s activities and needs, Cadets are required to participate in those activities.  Donations are also always welcome!  The more money we can raise to support RCSCC GRILSE, the better your child’s experience will be!

The Navy League also oversees the recruiting, screening, and registration of volunteer instructors and staff.  If you are interested in volunteering as an instructor or staff member, you will be screened by the Navy League of Canada (including a police records check and reference checks), and if accepted, be issued with Navy League Volunteer ID. 


Who Are We?

We are made up of volunteers who wish to give some of their time and energy to help make our Sea Cadet Corps a fun, enjoyable and life-shaping opportunity for the youth of our community.  Any adult member of the community may apply to be a member of the Navy League Branch.  Most members are usually:

  • -parents of current or former Cadets
  • -former Cadets or Officers
  • -former Canadian Forces Regular Force, Primary Reserve or COATS / CIC members
  • -Royal Canadian Legion members

If you do not fit into one of those categories but are still interested in helping the youth of our community by volunteering with our Navy League Branch or Sea Cadet Corps, please contact us to find out more and let us know how you can help.  


How Can I Contact the PoCoMo Navy League Branch?

You contact us by email at

Our mailing address is:

PoCoMo NL Branch
PO Box 31057
2929 St Johns Street
Port Moody, BC  V3H 2C2

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